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Re: GG!!
Paypal is good. Yes. Should we place another bet?
Sasha Andre
Re: What's the deal with RMurphy
Congratulations! Knowing really well you will reply to this message
Daniel Monsanto
Re: Reddit
THE GOOD DINOSAUR is set for a December/Christmas 2015 release
Joanna Masini
Vivian Walton
Dear Ervin, congratulations on a well deserved nomination

Paypal is good. Yes. Should we place another bet?

You have to stop being so cynical and enjoy this moment. You deserve it.

P.S: Stop being so slow. Everyone knows you're not that busy. And I'll get in Monday for the interview.

HA!! Paypal is good? Too many, there should be a solution, mass texting in reverse. And thanks by the way, it was a nice surprise.
You owe me. I knew it was coming. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NOMINATION. This is great.

How many messages have you deleted by the way?

Congratulations! Knowing really well you will reply to this message with detachment and certain ennui that is typical to you receiving praise in any form (which is not sarcasm either), unless you completely ignore that part. Either way, this is here for you to take and appreciate.

I will reply to your comment later. I have an entire paragraph for you.

This has to be the best e-mail of the week and the funniest piece to read. Saving for the future. Unfortunately, Ryan turns everything into gold and we know how this business work. Milking it. Milking it. Milking. He is talented but limited in what he can do. Limited with the creativity. Don't fault the man entirely. Execs are also to blame. BUT I SEE IT, I DON'T APPRECIATE THIS OBSESSION EITHER. It's fucked. Anyway, not sorry. If I have to suffer so will you.

As the subject of this message suggests it: What is the fucking deal with Ryan Murphy? I fall under the category of people who does not understand this 'wank' the industry seem to be having for Murphy. As you suggested I finally decided to start from the beginning regarding American Horror Story. Even if this genre certainly is not my cup of entertainment. I somehow ended sucked into it, while enjoying it, still found certain issues and problems with the narrative and certain themes approached. This took me to the discovery of everything Murphy had touched and, unfortunately, tainted. The man is not good. He has ideas but he is like a child who gets bored and doesn't know what to do other than breaking the toy that seemed to be so fun. He is not the first, nor the last, to ruin promising work. But this is a new level and why is no one seeing this? I find it frustrating that this man, gets praised, is apparently obsessed with rape and over sexualizes everything and brings projects to their downfall for lack of care and still gets two new fucking pilots.

Aware that this might be awkward for you to read this knowing very well your relationship with Ryan. But I also know you are one of the few who will understand and be honest without falling in another wanky attitude and just ass kiss only because the man gave you great opportunities.

In the end, you deserved this rant because you opened a few doors that I could have lived without, therefore you shall receive my anger and frustration when it comes to the sick mind of Murphy.



THE GOOD DINOSAUR is set for a December/Christmas 2015 release, meaning you won't have to do press until the second half of the third.

Still looking into GALVESTON. Production seems to be delayed. I've been hearing about a SPRING PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY START. I'll keep you updated once I have more news.

I will take care of NL and see what's happening. Working on SUNDANCE+PD'S SCHEDULE.

By the way, congratulations on the GG nomination. We're adding it to your schedule. Are you happy? :)

F. Chapman

Hi Dan. This is Lou Lomax. Someone showed me comment you left about me in Askreddit. I wanted to thank you. I also want to apologize.

It was tremendously validating to read something about me on the internet that is actually true. That never happens anymore (thanks, Dlisted!), so reading the honest-to-god truth was a welcome change, although not an entirely pleasant one. Turns out total bullshit is easier to read, because it's acceptable to be outraged over.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! on behalf of the four of us, i can tell you we're all proud and happy for you. aden didn't want to send you a message himself knowing you will be flooded. regardless, i'm sending you a little something. when nonna congratulates you it means you'll get an award for it lol


Dear Ervin, congratulations on a well deserved nomination for the Normal Heart. I'm sure you are proud of you and know that you have my support and help if you need ideas for an outfit.

How are you and how is everything? Your family? With Kameron? How are you handling the distance?

Take care, Vivian.